Crossrail C610 – Systemwide Enabling Works

These works were undertaken as part of Crossrail’s Programme to deliver a passenger train service linking the west of London to the east and south-east via a new dedicated sub-surface infrastructure through central London.

In 2014 Sword commenced on the C610 Systemwide Main Works part of the project under the Main Contractor a joint venture comprising Costain Limited, TSO and Alstom Transport (ATCjv).

Sword’s works were in connection with the construction of the temporary railhead and included:-

  • Trench excavation works
  • Pipe laying and chamber installation
  • Pavement construction
  • Track Pit construction
  • Reinforced Concrete Crane Gantry crane beams
  • Reinforced Concrete pile cap foundations
  • Traffic Management
  • Construction of reinforced concrete retaining walls

 In 2015 Sword commenced works on the C644 Traction Power supply part of the programme under the Main Contractors ACjv (Alstom Transport and Costain Ltd)

Sword were involved in carrying out works on 3 traction power substations and included:-

  • Site clearance
  • Piling
  • Drainage works
  • Trenches for Earthing mat installation
  • Removal of any contaminated ground and site remediation as necessary
  • Installation of perimeter fencing/hoarding and gate concrete foundation
  • Construction of the reinforced concrete autotransformer bases, switchgear foundations and protection and control building foundations
  • Installation of associated ductwork and cable troughs
  • Installation of cable management system ( including cable chambers, ducting, troughing)
  • Construction of reinforced concrete retaining walls
  • Installation of an ARMCO barrier
  • Roadwork, concrete road, access roads and gates, vehicle parking
  • Road signs and marking
  • Installation of 3m high electrified palisade site security fencing including concrete sill
  • Breaking out concrete slab