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Sword Construction UK Ltd is an established civil engineering contractor with experience in a wide variety of Civil Engineering Contracts, including highways, rail, water treatment, water retaining structures and power generation plants fuelled by both traditional fossil fuels and renewable energy sources.

The supply to each of the contracts varies to suit the Client and contract specifics. Previous contracts have been undertaken as priced works and costs plus basis for the supply of labour, formwork, plant and materials.

The types of contracts we have completed include;

  • Highway Schemes
    From single bridges through to 57 structure contracts. Structures include new and refurbished bridges, open and box culverts, retaining walls.
  • Power Stations
    Traditional - From new power stations to extensions within live working stations, flue gas dispersion plants, full structural bases and service schemes.
    Biomass/Waste to Energy – 4 Biomass Power Plants.
  • Oil and Gas Plants
    From individual plant based within live plants through to full structural bases to a new gas receiving plant.
  • Railway Infrastructure
    Working trackside and high street environment on single bridge refurbishment through to 8 structure contracts, station developments, track side stabilisation, on/off loading bays, tunnel track slabs and temporary rail heads.
  • Shipping/Water Transportation
    Insitu construction of jetties, pontoons, birthing dolphins and quay sides. Manufacture of precast units for the aforementioned. The development of land side storage areas, roads, bridges, rail interfaces and stacking system bases.
  • Water and Sewerage plants
    From complete new projects to the refurbishment of individual tanks to the expansion of existing plants, including the construction of over and underground storage tanks.
  • Water Retaining Structures
    Construction of flood defence walls. Construction of reinforced concrete tidal barrier structure.

With the experience the Company has gained and held Sword Construction UK Ltd can offer assistance with valued engineering, programming and tendering of projects with no obligation.

We pride ourselves in being able to collaborate with our Clients and Main Contractors to develop innovative solutions to complex problems and deliver challenging programmes where others are unable to compete.

See our projects page for more details and case studies of projects completed.